Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Space Olympiad Explorer Class 5-8 (English, Paperback, Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat)

Space Olympiad Explorer Class 5-8 (English,...

English Olympiad Explorer Class 3 (English, Paperback, Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat)

English Olympiad Explorer Class 3 (English,...

Science Olympiad Explorer Class 3 (English, Paperback, Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat)

Science Olympiad Explorer Class 3 (English,...

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Buy POA (Pre Olympiad Assessment) Books



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170.00 10% OFF


All MCQs are based on NCERT Text Books Chapter wise Important Points Build Foundation for Competitive Examinations Very useful for School Examinations
ISBN: 9789385217555
Publisher: EHF Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Olympiad
Publish Year: 2020
Available as e-Book: Yes
All MCQs are based on NCERT Text Books Chapter wise Important Points Build Foundation for Competitive Examinations Very useful for School Examinations

Friday, July 3, 2020

Our Verticals

Our Verticals

www.ehfworld.com/books/ adds a new dimension to the way an online bookstore operates. Apart from selling books we also provide value added services to customers thru our 4 new verticals.



4 Customer reveiws

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Author : Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat
100 of Questions and Answers Chapterwise Practise Questions Revision question Sample Paper New Updated Questions Useful for level1 and especially for level 2 NISO
ISBN: 9789385217654
Publisher: EHF Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Olympiad
Author: Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat
Publish Year: 2020
Available as e-Book: Yes
100 of Questions and Answers Chapterwise Practise Questions Revision question Sample Paper New Updated Questions Useful for level1 and especially for level 2 NISO


Thursday, July 2, 2020

City Coordinators

Become Eduheal Coordinators Wanted Leaders in the Education Industry! 
EHF - a not for profit foundation promoted by leading academicians and media personalities working in education domain globally. For its existing and new projects EHF invites Principals, Directors, Teachers, Professors, corporate managers, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Sales professionals, Media persons to associate at City/State/National level to work on projects related with education at schools/colleges/Universities in India and abroad. Vacancies exist at all levels across India. EHF provides exciting growth opportunities. Apply with details to:

EHF – Eduheal Foudation
103, Taj Apt.,Nr AIIMS Metro Station,
Delhi – 29

or fill in the details asked below: 
Full Name :

Email ID :
Mobile No./Resi. No. :
School Name :
Principal Name:
School Phone Nos. :
School Email ID :
State :
Pin :
Age :
Gender :
Educational Qualification :
Profession :
Experience :
Other Qualification :
Other Interests :
How do you Know About Us :

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Program Manager (PM)


What are coordinators earning from olympiad enrollments (after deducting what school gets) 6 lakhs, What are coordinators earning from olympiads book sale 4 lakhs. Total earning 10 lakhs/every year. Talk to our star coordinator, Usha looking after 1800+ Delhi-NCR Schools on 9599429956.

Program Managers / Educational Consultants / Olympiad Experts are homemakers/entrepreneurs who are free during school hours and who enjoy the privilege of working from home to help schools / students to participate in Olympiads. Teachers/Tutors/Tuition center owners/Insurance advisor can also be Program Managers (PM).

Olympiads are a craze amongest school students with every parent keen that their child should participate in them. EHF is a leader in the Olympiad field and offers Olympiads and preparatory books in 11 subjects, for classes 1 to 12. It pioneered the concept of giving international exposure to the Olympiad takers by being the education partner of GOOGLE science fair and member of Harvard-MIT maths tournament. EHF's Finance Olympiad is sponsored by Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] - leading stock exchange in the country.

A Program Manager (PM) reaches out to interested schools/coaching centers, understands their requirements, and helps them to enroll successfully in the EHF olympiad programs. Your work involves distributing olympiad literature, reaching out to nearby schools upto 1 p.m. and following up on email / phone.

There are no charges of becoming an PM.Its Free. Also all the inventory/consumables will be supplied by EHF. Areas available for PM:Pan India and also Gulf;South east Asia.Areas available on 1st come 1st serve basis.More than 300 already working.Limited areas available, so Hurry Up! 

Advantages of being a PM!

  • Work from home with flexible timings
  • Good earning potential with scope for expansion
  • Product and process training
  • Benefit accumulates over the years as you keep working
  • The more you enroll, the more you earn! Not just money but community respect too!

Who are we looking for?

  • Persons looking for home-based jobs.
  • Persons in the age group of 20-65.
  • Can travel to neighborhood schools.
  • Well-spoken ladies willing to work in the education sector.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Looking for good earning potential.
  • Willing to upgrade to bigger areas to enhance revenue potential.
  • Entrepreneurs-tutors/insurance advisors etc also welcome.
I am interested to be EHF's PM. I have gone through EHF brief. Allow me to reach out to near by Schools by sending me EHF Prospectus and Visiting Cards. Based on my School visit report you can subsequently send me additional prospectuses, individualized visiting cards and Terms & Conditions.

Apply Here


First Name
Last Name
Mobile No
Land Line no
Complete Address With PinCode
Are You Employed? (If yes then give detail)
How much do you know about school olympiads?*
Can you cover neighbourhood schools?
Any personal contacts with schools? If yes, give details *
How many schools you have in neighbourhood?
Within 5 KM
From 5 KM  To 10 KM
In Your City
Area where you will work?
How many Schools you can cover in your area?
Attach scan copy of your ID/address proof
Any Query








Tuesday, June 30, 2020


  • Aim of Eduheal foundation is to generate interest in math, science and English by conducting Olympiads, workshops and other activities at school level.
  • Eduheal Foundation is in touch with more than 4000 Schools on an annual basis. The foundation wishes to associate with like-minded organizations / forums/ Scientific associations.
  • The foundation will provide a platform for bringing together the interested schools with the above organizations and work towards a common aim of finding young scientists, mathematicians, authors etc. The infrastructural resources required for conduct of the programs, including transport will be provided by the school who are interested in calling resource persons from above organizations.
  • The organisations will give input in the form of providing seasoned resource persons (RP). Remuneration to RP’s will be paid by the Foundation.
  • Vice-versa the organization can call school students at a designated place to conduct the various programmes. In this case the infrastructural expenses have to be borne by the organization. The school will provide its own transport and the foundation will be paying the remuneration to the resource persons. Any other expense will be paid by the school interested in conducting the workshop.
If your school is interested in conducting the National workshop programmes, kindly contact
Foundation National Coordinator on e-mail on info@eduhealfoundation.com  

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Eduheal Foundation

EHF- International Olympiad Training Camp [IOTC]

Eduheal Foundation has taken the responsibility for selecting and training the Indian team for participation in the competition. EHF will provide a comprehensive IOTC program to the students participating in the Google Science fair in order to explore the possibility of having an Indian student as winner of GSF and other international competitions such as INTEL ISEF,Harvard-MIT mathematics tournament to name a few.
Briefly the key stages are: 
Stage 1: Registration of entrants.
Stage 2: Scrutinizing & filtration of the applications as per the criteria.
Stage 3: Assistance & analysis of Project titles.
Stage 4: Guidance to the students on the selected project titles.
Stage 5: Online Training and Call center support for execution of the project to the students.
Stage 6: Scrutinizing of submitted projects as per GSF terms and conditions.
Stage 7: Nominating the selected Projects to GSF or others international competitions.
Stage 8:  One day International Olympiad Training Program (IOTC). 
Stage 9: Submission of the project report.
Stage 10: Analysis of the completed project

Eduheal Foundation will organize a One day Training program for the students participating in international competitions in order to assist them in their projects thereby ensuring that maximum number of projects qualify for international competitions.The IOTC may also be conducted `online`.

The Main objective of this program is to create an awareness amongst the young talents about the importance of international competitions and most important, looking forward to having an Indian winner in GSF 2013.
EHF will be covering key issues related to GSF 2013 and ,if possible,other International competitions [conducted by INTEL and ORACLE] during this training session. 
The training camp at Delhi is proposed in April based on the responses received . Please nominate the students in the given Proforma and send it to us latest by 1st week March 2013 since seats are limited for IOTC. Please note the student will have to make his own arrangement for reaching the camp. 
For guidance and training support , EHF will be charging a nominal fee.To register send cheque[at par]/Demand draft in favour of EDUHEAL FOUNDATION payable at NEW DELHI or Online-Bank transfer ICICI Bank A/c No. : 007105003838 Green Park Extn., HDFC Bank A/c No. : 06782320000601, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. 
Students who had participated in Eduheal’s Science, Mathematics and Cyber Olympiads viz NISO, NIMO, ICO and have qualified for level 3 will be invited for IOTC.Individual rules apply for international competitions,for eg for GSF the child has to be atleast 13 years old. 
Also the top 3 projects will be awarded a grant of Rs 25,000* per category (13-14,15-16,17-18) by EHF. All participants will be awarded with a Certificate. 
The program IOTC will be conducted under the guidance of Dr Sandeep Ahlawat, who is the Managing Trustee, EHF and prelim Judge and Scientific accuracy checker for GSF.



Monday, June 29, 2020


1. International Journal for global leadership in education publishes quarterly symposia in the broad area of education and human development. The editor works with guest editors who, in turn, work with groups of scholars to present multifaceted, integrated expositions of important topics. A given issue may contain the work of social scientists, humanists, practitioners, and policymakers. Unsolicited proposals for special issues including designation of participating scholars and an outline of articles are accepted for review. Additionally, the editor works with the editorial board to identify topics, guest editors, and contributors. The editor encourages submission of case studies that demonstrate the development of theory. The journal has the flexibility to consider publishing monographs or a series focused on particular lines of inquiry. In all cases, the editor and the editorial board ensure that each special issue is reviewed and is a high quality contribution to the literature.

2. International Journal for global leadership in education is edited by the Eduheal Foundation- Learning for Life center, New Delhi, with the advice of an independent Editorial Board and the assistance of consulting editors and academic reviewers. The journal aims to be an international periodical on the comparative theory and practice of formal and non-formal education. Serving as an international forum for lifetime education and learning, the journal provides scholarly information on policy issues, educational trends, and learning innovations. It serves educational institutes, teacher-training organizations, and ministries as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals in all countries.The journal is also a top-tiered resource for education professionals who work toward providing students with the programs, services and the environment they need for holistic academic success.

3. International Journal for global leadership in education publishes original, peer reviewed articles on a variety of topics and research methods not only in education but also path breaking articles concerning teaching methodology in maths,science,english & social sciences. Articles address common issues in mathematics ,english & social sciences and science education, including cross-curricular dimensions. This journal emphasizes studies that explore science ,English & social sciences and mathematics education from different cultural perspectives. Manuscripts written by authors whose native language is not English are encouraged.

4. International Journal for global leadership in education- IJGLE publishes articles relevant to the theory and practice of continuing education in the maths,science,english & social sciences. The journals primary purpose is to provide thoughtful and practical advice to continuing education practitioners in the development, conduct, and evaluation of continuing education programs.

5. International Journal for global leadership in education the official journal of the International NGO Eduheal Foundation (EHF) publishes reports for education researchers and practitioners on issues of maths,science,english & social sciences teaching and learning and education policy. Scholarly manuscripts within the domain of the Journal include but are not limited to investigations employing qualitative ethnographic historical survey philosophical or case study research approaches; position papers; policy perspectives; critical reviews of the literature; and comments and criticism.

6. The International Journal for global leadership in education is an international and interdisciplinary forum for both invited and contributed peer reviewed articles that advances education at all levels. The journal publishes a broad range of papers covering theory and practice in order to facilitate future efforts of individuals and groups involved in the field. Topics focusing on technology in education, or organizational (e.g., legislation, administration, implementation, and teacher enhancement) are included. Recognizing technology’s growing role in both the understanding and development of education and in the delivery of information, the journal includes technology as a component of education. In addition to original research articles, the journal publishes case studies and reviews of books, media, software, and other relevant products.

7. The International Journal for global leadership in education is the official journal of Eduheal Foundation. It serves as a forum for disseminating research and theoretical position statements concerning the preparation and in-service education of teachers. It adds to what we know about teaching and learning and, most importantly, serves as a catalyst for thoughtful discussion concerning the enhancement of education for teachers. The journal features pragmatic articles that offer immediate ways to improve conditions in classroom methods, in-service workshops, and teacher recruitment and retention. In addition, the journal publishes data-driven research articles that show evidence of the effectiveness of teaching strategies, interventions, etc.

8. The purpose of The International Journal for global leadership in education is to communicate ideas, theories, research, and field-oriented information related to supervision, curriculum, and instruction in education. It is published to provide discussion of a broad range of concepts, theories, and issues and dissemination of the knowledge base for professionals. Please be invited to submit your article to the The International Journal for global leadership in education issues via email:info@eduhealfoundation.org

9. Founded in 2020, The International Journal for global leadership seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological,and substantive diversity of educational scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between educational scholars and practitioners. To achieve that goal, papers are published that present research, theoretical statements, philosophical arguments, critical syntheses of a field of educational inquiry, and integrations of educational scholarship, policy and practice.

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