Saturday, June 27, 2020

EHF Olympia App

EHF Olympiads

EHFOlympia Mobile App - Only app you need to excel in global competitions.

Determine your proficiency level in all Subjects by taking our Online Tests. 

EHF Advantages

EHF is a registered International NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in searching talented school students by reaching out to 4000 schools and 6 lakhs students annually.
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EHF Olympia App

Why EHF Olympiads?

EHFOlympia Mobile App - Only app you need to excel in global competitions.

Get the extra edge when you get trained not only for EHF olympiads like NIMO, NISO, NSSO, IEO, BIFO, ... but also for other global competitions like Harvard-MIT maths tournament, Google Science fair.

 Get the EHF advantage in your academics and career when you get the coveted EHF certificate [online as well as printed]. All successfull students (100%) get the coveted EHF certificate (useful during college admissions). Based on sponsorer certificate will carry logo of the iconic BSE-Bombay Stock Exchange (in case of BIFO) and the prestigious ISRO(in case of NSSO), making the certificate invaluable.

Multi - tier exams to identify the top talent - High standard of Exam Conducted in 10+ levels at across the Globe.

High standard of exam with Global Exposure at reasonable cost.

Make learning and exam taking 'FUN with Benefits' - 'Super 50' global finalists get fabulous awards
With all important exams going online - Get hands on experience with EHFOlympia app.

Daily NEW questions.

Test your IQ limits - EHFolympia is flexible and scalable-Take any subject from any class.

Participate individually or through your school.
Coming soon in Hindi/other languages.



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