Friday, June 12, 2020

EHF Olympiad

Make Your E-Classes More Effective With EHF Olympiad
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EHF is a registered International NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. As olympiad, ehfolympia , Science, Math, English. EHF needs are young scientists interested in project based learning. 

1. We have started online registration from this year for EHF olympiad. Now you can participate online by  registering your school online on
2. You can also Buy Books from . They will be couriered to you (Pls note presently courier services are unreliable).
3. If you want e-Book you can visit website.
5. In built provision for automatic financial benefits (starts from15%) to schools, as our valuable business associates , on every online enrolment to cover school admin expenses.
6. We have 1000`s of scientifically designed and peer reviewed questions in our question bank. They are annually updated and available for all olympiad subjects and all classes 1-12. Special Question Bank for high demanding exams like IIT-NEET and Bombay stock exchange ( BSE ) sponsored BIFO.
7. Each student will get unique question paper with time and IP track- so no scope to cheat, on our own EHF exam server.
8. You will get your marks/score card , aptitude report and E-certificate immediately post exam.This will also be emailed to all the stakeholders.Printed merit certificate will also be sent.
9. Schools/Parents can know students exam feedback instantly-real time on EHF Website.


• Get EHF program details at
• Official EHF Email ID
• Official EHFOlympia mobile app
• View EHF videos on YouTube
• Message from Union Sc.& Tech. Min.
• Message from 1st Indian in space
• Work with EHF as edu-consultant

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