Thursday, June 18, 2020

English Olympiad

International English Olympiad (IEO)

English opens up the world for you

  • International English Olympiad is a unique Olympiad stressing on importance of English in academics, in day to day life and its relevance in today's Global World.
  • It will focus on general English, its comprehension, Grammar & writing skills. The questions will be easy & interactive kind which the student will enjoy solving.
  • Eduheal Foundation[EHF] is taking a step in this direction through its flagship programme-International English Olympiad [IEO], EHF is on a look out for kids who love english and want to excel in it.
Eduheal Foundatiion

Now into its 8th year, classes 1 to 12 students can participate. The registration form ,sample paper and other details are available at:

Prizes worth 50 lakhs will be awarded to participating students, teachers and principals for promoting english creativity.

Award of 100,000 to the overall best performing students in Math, Science, G.K and English.

British council library online membership for best performing school in English Olympiad (IEO).


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