Friday, June 26, 2020

Why EHF Olympiads ?

Why EHF Olympiads ?

1.  Three tier exams to identify the top Talent:
       High standard of Exam Conducted in 3 levels at more than 4000 schools across the Globe.
      Scientific question making process. Promoting project based learning through level 3.

2.  Only online Olympiad conducted:
       Unique online practice sessions for students at reasonable cost. Level- 2 online exam at more than 200+  computer centers/1000+ school computer centers. 15% of level 1 participants go for level 2.
3. Global Exposure:
      Global Exposure through International Olympiad training campus and online mentoring by top scientists  from I.I.T. Delhi/others.
Eduheal Foundation

4.  Once in a lifetime chance to Experience:
      Once in a lifetime chance to visit the iconic BSE- Bombay Stock Exchange Building which is the oldest    and the fastest Stock Exchange in India. National workshops by eminent persons.
5.  Unique "Career Oriented" Olympiads:
         EHF also conducts olympiads in path - breaking subjects like Biotech, Space Science, IIT-NEET, Arts & Sports.
6.  EHF certificate matters! :
All successfull students (100%) get the coveted EHF certificate (useful during college admissions) and 33% of top rankers receive the medals. Merit students at all levels (1&2) win one-time cash scholarship & more. Level 3 students win fabulous prizes given by the sponsorer. For instance certificate will carry logo of the iconic BSE (in case of BIFO) making these certificates invaluable.
7.  We are transparent:
EHF uploads the relevant Q.P., its answer, OMR sheet the child has submitted and the certificate/aptitude report generated for all level 1 successful students, and will soon be available for students taking the EHF online Olympiads, on a real time basis.


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